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U Furu is a holiday location for individualists: The river with its numerous spectacular waterfalls and natural pools, the various sports and excursions available, and above all, the relaxed family atmosphere, make U Furu a place for both rest and recreation...

The river is the valley’s lifeline. It runs down rocky channels and over breathtaking cliffs with waterfalls, through natural pools worn out of the bare rock, and along calmer sections, where it winds through green vegetation. At many places along the banks, trees and bushes cast a pleasant shadow most of the day.

The valley can be described in three stages: First you come to the lower part which is easily accessible. Reaching the middle part requires some easy climbing. Finally, the upper part of the river requires more of an expedition. For all three sections, U Furu’s visitors have given names to the pools: The Eel Pool, the Mill, the Bathing Tub, the Countercurrent Pool and Kubi’s Shower are some of them.
The Lower Section
The lower part of the river, below the first big waterfall, is easily accessible even with little children. There are even a few square meters of “sandy beach”. Each year, the visitors build a little dam of stones at the exit of the pool below the waterfall, to increase the water depth.
The Middle Section
Above the big waterfall, the river runs through several good bathing pools and interesting rocky hollows, all with nice resting places. Perhaps the most beautiful pool is the “Sun Glasses” (right picture). A walkable underwater rock bridge divides the pool into two deep eyes, so that - viewed from above - it resembles a pair of sun glasses.
The Upper Section
This can only be reached by climbing up the riverbed, or by using a path that runs far above the river initially. Hence you will rarely find anyone else here. And as the high point of this expedition, there is the second big waterfall waiting for you. From a height of more than ten meters, it falls in several shimmering streams, into the foaming pool below.

The Swimming Pool
The swimming pool and the bar are the central meeting points for UFuru’s guests. At any time, the 14-meter pool invites you to train a little, or to cool down. Near the pool, there is a volleyball court, a table tennis table, and a badminton court. Alternatively, you can relax at the tables and benches around the pool.

Bar & Restaurant
In the evenings, the guests often gather at the bar. There you can enjoy a meal from the typical regional menu, or drink a refreshing Orangina, a Corsican chestnut beer, a delicious wine, or one of the barkeeper’s generous cocktails. Frequently, the guests play card or board games - often joining in multi-language groups, and introducing each other to their respective national games. From time to time, the U Furu team organizes theme events for the guests.

Nearby Beaches
Although U Furu lies slightly inland at the feet of the mountains, it is not far to some of Corsica’s most beautiful beaches. Generally, the water is clear as glass, absolutely clean and often of an almost unreal blue colour. Whilst the beaches are quite crowded in the high season (but hardly ever overcrowded), you can find longer sections of beach for you alone during the low season. Only about 8 kilometers from U Furu lies the home beach of Porto-Vecchio, the kilometer-long beach of Palombaggia. Northwards, you can find the Gulf of Santa Guilia. To the south, in the direction of Bonifacio, numerous small bays wait to be discovered.
More Beaches
On the south-west tip of Corsica, about an hour away by car, is the the beach of Roccapina. There on a hill above the bay, is a giant rock shaped like a recumbent lion.

For some light walking, you should visit the wide wooded l’Ospédale valley and reservoir, which lies in the mountains above U Furu. After a longer walk, you can reach some of the lower surrounding hills, which offer beautiful views

Hiking & Climbing
For stronger hikers, the country around U Furu is a paradise: The well-tended hiking path “Mare a Mare”, which runs across the whole island, begins very closely to the entrance to U Furu. Several well-marked hiking paths through ever-changing scenery, with rugged rocks and gentle valleys, as well as high peaks and cols with spectacular views, fulfill almost every hiker’s wish. There are also some refuges, which allow multi-day trips. Even extreme climbers can find some real challenges:The route up the south face of the Punta de Diamante, and the Bavella towers, wait to be conquered.

Prehistoric Sites
Besides many reminders of the Romans, who had harbours on the island and who settled on the fertile land on the east coast, Corsica is a significant site for a bronze-age megalithic culture. Several fortresses, king’s graves and mysterious rows of menhirs, with reliefs of faces, armour and arms, inspire thoughts of the distant past.

Sightseeing and Strolling
The towns of Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio, with their picturesque harbours and historic centres, their boutiques and shops, and also their restaurants and cafés, are ideal places for strollers, shoppers and revellers. Bonifacio is also notable for its spectacular location on top of towering white cliffs. From there, if the weather is clear, there are superb views across the straits to the island of Sardinia.

Some of Our Rules!

Nudity is welcome but not required all the time.

We decline any responsibility in the event of accidents, including those occurring at the swimming pool (which is not supervised) or on or in the river. It is forbidden to use any vehicles on the estate from 11 pm to 8 am. Unaccompanied men are not accepted on the site unless they carry a membership card for a naturist organisation. Open fires (e.g. for barbecue) are strictly forbidden. On request, the grill at the restaurant can be used. Dogs are not accepted on the site. The tables at the swimming pool are reserved for the bar-restaurant service. The management reserves the right to forbid entrance or to send away any person or group who disturbs life on the estate.

Corsica lies in the Mediterranean, about 120 kilometers west of the Italian “boot”, at the latitude of Rome. You can reach the island by car, bus, or train plus car ferry, or by air. The description below leads to right to U Furu’s gates.

How to get there: If you go by car, you need to travel to one of the following ferry ports: Marseille, Nizza, Savona, Genoa, La Spezia or Livorno. If possible, choose a ferry link to Bastia, because this is the easiest way to drive to Porto-Vecchio and U Furu. The following ferry companies offer links to Corsica: Corsica Ferries (de la France et l'Italie), Moby Lines (de l'Italie), SNCM Compagnie Méridionale de Navigation (du continent vers l'Ile, avec une liaison directe Marseille/Porto Vecchio)
All the ferry companies offer special tariffs and rebates for return tickets at certain times. Please consult their web sites.
By Airplane And Hired Car: Air Corsica, Air France, Easyjet, Ryanair, JetairFly, Transavia, XL Airways, Avro, FlyBaboo, Volotea
Several airlines offer flights to Corsica. Besides Air France and Nouvelles Frontieres with regular flight there are charter airlines which are better value, and usually plan their timetables from season to season At all airports you find car rental companies like Europcar, Avis and Hertz as well as some local companies. By Train If you want to go by train, you need to travel to one of the ferry ports and then use one of the car ferry services. There are no train ferries between Corsica and the mainland. On the island, there is only one train line between Bastia and Ajaccio, which also branches to Ile Rousse and Calvi. To reach U Furu, you can either hire a car, or take a bus to Porto-Vecchio, then take a taxi.
By Train If you want to go by train, you need to travel to one of the ferry ports and then use one of the car ferry services. There are no train ferries between Corsica and the mainland. On the island, there is only one train line between Bastia and Ajaccio, which also branches to Ile Rousse and Calvi. To reach U Furu, you can either hire a car, or take a bus to Porto-Vecchio, then take a taxi.
On The Island To Porto-Vecchio
If you arrive at Bastia by car, or if you rent a car at the Bastia airport (Poretta), just follow the Route Nationale 198 down the east coast, in the direction of Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio. The map on the right shows how to get to Porto-Vecchio on main roads, if you come from elsewhere on the island. If you want to get around without a car, you can use the express busses or taxis, which ply between all the larger towns. Hitch-hiking cannot be recommended on Corsica, as one usually experiences very long waiting periods. From Porto-Vecchio To U Furu To get from Porto-Vecchio to U Furu, just follow the signs at the nearby road junctions (as in the picture on the left). The map below shows the way - along with some useful landmarks

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